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Going into Chapter Four: "The State of Texas vs. Robert Durst," Screencrush encouraged Serial fans to catch up with The Jinx, advocating that it offers "all the same pleasures." Furthermore, writer Matt Singer noted, while many of the investigators involved in the Adnan Syed case declined Sarah Koening's invitation to participate in the podcast, The Jinx director Andrew Jarecki not only gets in touch with the different lawyers and detectives involved in the Durst crimes, 

Their recollections of the case are put side-by-side with Durst, throwing his baffling deflections into stark contrast. Many of the cops are deeply suspicious of Durst, but others throw water on the sorts of conspiracy theory fires that sometimes burned just a little too hot on Serial. Kathy Durst’s friends might insist a tiny detail of the Dursts’ unhappy marriage proves Robert is a killer, and then Jarecki will cut to the detective who investigated the case, who will calmly dismiss it as unprovable speculation.

The story also has a fan in crime writer Megan Abbott, who tweeted:


The LA Times spent some time with Jarecki who shared an anecdote about the hesitation Durst's lawyer had about his client's participation in the series: The lawyer says,

Bob, I think this is a terrible idea, but since you’ve told me that you’re going to do it, all I can do is give you a list of restrictions that I think you should put on the project.’ Bob interrupts him: ‘I don’t care if he puts it on a billboard on Times Square, let him do what he wants.’ That was a very important moment in the relationship. He went on to say to me, “There’s no question you can ask me that I won’t answer.’ He was mostly true to his word on that. I was very satisfied that what we were getting was as much Bob as you could get.

Elsewhere, viewers are debating what to make of Sunday's episode, in particularly, the defense strategy Durst's lawyers used during the Morris Black trial. Vulture zeroed in on how the well-compensated attorneys were able to humanize Durst and deflect blame by accusing Westchester County district attorney Jeanine Pirro of pursuing a personal agenda: 

It was very easy for us to make her the enemy,” admits another one of the attorneys, the only one of the team who seems at all abashed by the strategy or the outcome. “We took liberties.

That kind of strategizing had Redditors weighing its merits:

JF425: I'm not trying to be a moralist a-hole, but if you're those defense attorneys how in the world do you sleep at night? I know the answer is "on a pile of money" but frankly, that just makes it worse.

Dr-JanItor: … if they don't give him the best defense they possibly can, the defendant can use this to win an appeal, and be released or get a new trial.

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