Chapter Six Reactions and Reviews


News about Robert Durst's arrest in New Orleans and the finale of The Jinx created an unusual circumstance: "possibly the first major instance of spoiler alerts being issued for a documentary" said critic Mike Hale in The New York Times in his review. "It was frightening, gut-wrenching, remarkable television, and the culmination of years of work by the documentary’s director and producer, Andrew Jarecki, and his crew," said Hale. 

Forbes also made note of how "real time justice and plotline collided," but argued that even with a known outcome, the story is still worth watching: "To say this spoiler truly 'spoiled' the show would be an overstatement and discount the incredible storytelling and aestheticism employed throughout the series."

Director Andrew Jarecki had promised a resolution going into the series, and reviewers were quick to note their approval:

"It's safe to say that no one will ever stick the landing like director Andrew Jarecki did on HBO's true crime drama The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," opined Vulture

"Over the course of five episodes, Jarecki has been steadily, meticulously priming his audience for the knockout punch he executed last night," said Slate, contrasting how the close of The Jinx differed from that of Serial.

While Salon took issue with the Jarecki's use of re-enactments, reviewer Laura Miller was satisfied with his skill as an interviewer: "His is an invisible knack, the ability to win people’s trust, to coax them into self-revelation before a camera. In Jarecki, Robert Durst finally met his match. The luck was Durst’s, and all of it was bad."

"I’m hard pressed at the moment to think of a more stunning, breathtaking, Did-That-Just-Happen?/That-did-NOT-just-happen! finish in my TV viewing life," said Jeff Jensen in Entertainment Weekly, who also anointed Durst the "Yellow King of 2015." "If every great yarn requires a compelling protagonist and an even better antagonist, Robert Durst, an anti-hero for the ages, satisfied the demands of both parts very well."

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