Reactions to Chapter Five


With the final episode only days away, here's what people are talking about. 

Reality Blurred focuses on the 1999 letter from Robert Durst that Sareb Kaufman discovered in a box of Susan Berman's things; that piece of evidence has renewed the Los Angeles district attorney's interest in Berman's murder. Says Reality Blurred of its reveal: "It’s considerable contrast from the controlled storytelling in the first four episodes, but it works, because holy sh*t."

"It seems very clear that Bob is the one who alerted the police to Susan’s murder, and reasonably clear that he is guilty of the crime," opines Vulture.

Rolling Stone points out the show has successfully achieved its mission to "leave no viewer's jaw un-dropped by the end of the hour." The magazine also offers a handy catchup to bring new and veteran Jinx viewers up to speed before Sunday night.

The New Yorker appreciates getting insight into Durst's "world view" and sums up one of the lessons learned: "You don’t need to be a brilliant criminal to get away with a terrible crime. You just need a cop who never follows up, plus the money for a legal team that’s savvy enough to play to the sensibilities of a Texas jury."